Company Information

Megaprime Group LLC is engaged into:

Legal Support for International Clients:

  • registering燾ompanies in Kiev, opening company bank accounts
  • providing nominal directors for companies
  • obtaining Work Permits for爊on-residents in Kiev and Kiev oblast
  • company registration at Kiev City OVIR
  • obtaining Temporary Residence Cards for foreigners that allow for visa-free entry to Ukraine (Temporary Residence Cards for foreigners in Ukraine)
  • accounting and tax reporting for companies with small number of monthly transactions
  • obtaining Ukrainian Tax IDs for foreigners
  • legal support for buying/selling shares and companies, M&A due diligence
  • registration of amendments in Statutory documents, registration of increase/decrease in shareholder capital

We work with documents in all world languages. We communicate in English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

International Trade Brokerage:

  • agricultural commodities and food products (wheat, corn, rice,爂rains, frozen fish, cooking oils, spices, tea, sugar, candies, honey)
  • chemicals (urea prilled and granular, ammonia)
  • metals and iron ore
  • oil products (mazut, diesel fuel)
  • wood
  • cemenet
  • flax products?flax fiber, flax wood)
  • agricultural equipment (tractors, harvesters, seeders)
  • construction equipment (cranes, excavators)

Investment Consulting and Research:

  • real estate in Ukraine (residential, commercial,燼nd industrial)
  • infrastructure projects (ports, warehouses)
  • companies, plants, factories
  • industry research
  • company research

Business Consulting and Staffing International Companies:

  • marketing research
  • e-commerce consulting
  • IT/IS consulting
  • operations management consulting
  • we find employees and top managers for international companies in Ukraine

E-Mass Media and Internet Portals:

Business Event Organization:

  • conducting negotiations
  • searching for partners in Ukraine
  • organzing international business conferences



Andriy M. Khraban

Skype: andriy.khraban ?br />ICQ: 390513874

Megaprime Group LLC

Kiev, Ukraine

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